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Company Overview

Formed in 2009, OPTIMUM is a privately held company that has evolved over the past five years and has firmly established itself as an innovative leader in providing property maintenance of services. reservation and inspections services to the mortgage industry. With a footprint that covers the entire Wire Glass area, OPTIMUM successfully completes hundreds of thousands of work orders encompassing a broad rang

The vast majority of its work has been in the default services industry. The company's philosophy has always been, and continues to be, to provide professional services for the diverse needs of the mortgage industry without compromise. The company takes pride in both its work performance and long-standing business relationships with its customers.

The company has developed technology services that deliver operational solutions that help our customers overcome business challenges. This includes increasing efficiency, enhancing security, meeting compliance requirements, and reducing manual processes associated with these activities.

How We Do It

The OPTIMUM business model relies on a quick, adaptable response to services needs. Work orders are examined for unique requirements and directed to the resources best suited to fulfill the order. We realize each property is different and may require the ability to be flexible. A package can be customized at any time to meet the unique requirements of the property. We understand that the process needs to be fluid and may change at any given moment.

Our company maintains a local network of field representatives that are vetted through internal processes such as background checks, contractual compliance agreements and insurance requirements. Their capabilities are then measured to perform preservation, inspection, and repair services per set guidelines.

The client has 24/7 access to our advanced web platform that allows the user the ability to place orders, check order status, provide and receive direct communication, and view results in a PDF format. The PDF format has the dual purpose of allowing the user to save a document on their own hard drive or forward it to others. A cost analysis by loan number, work order, can be quickly and easily completed by simply exporting the information into Excel directly from our site. This allows the user to monitor costs and budgetary information with a click of one button.

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