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Please find blow the information regarding our quality control procedures and standard business practices.. These our standard business procedures and are always being looked at for improvement to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Optimum Enterprises LLC Procedures what is currently done and what will continue to improve:

  • Check emails/voice mails 3-5 x per day for new orders
  • Checks all new orders and submits the status within 24 hours of receipt without exception.
  • All workers and updaters send daily emails to (Optimum) informing what was done each day.
  • Perform all quality control checks ourselves and all workers follow checklists and signs off at every new maintenance work order and random grass cuts that are in the area for that day.
  • Requires each crew to fill out and sign a comprehensive checklist for all services performed. This is an accountability measure and informs crews of consequences of subpar work that is found by not only other REO representatives, but by our staff. We then recheck the properties to ensure quality and sign off on a QC form our selves.
New Measures We Have Implemented Since:
  • Always searching for more qualified crews for back up in case that we need extra help.
  • We train these crews hands on and ensures all procedures and timeframes are fully understood.
  • These crews are placed on call and are ready to act very quickly. Should back up crew A not be able to respond immediately, we go back up crew B, Then C, and finally crew D until that need is met and the timeframes are met for all work orders.
  • We have weekly meetings to quiz all our workers to ensure everyone is on the same page with new processes and know all of the requirements and guide lines associated with our business procedures.
  • Always looking for better ways to communicate with our clients and other representatives to keep up good communication.

Just Recently:

  • Had all computers cleaned and op[timed again so that we know for certain that when the issue arise that we did our part in making sure it wasn't our equipment's functionality.

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to continue to strive to improve our already successful business practices by utilizing the steps above and always looking for more and better ways to continue to create a win/win soild relationship between Optimum Enterprises LLC and our clients.

We our completely open at all times for any discussion regarding this matter and always look forward to providing the very best, quick and quality service that is possible for client's for many years to come.

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