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        Property Maintenance



Package may include the following services (when applicable) but can be customized by client 

  • Rekey exterior locks to same key code
  • Install lock box
  • Post maintenance contact sign
  • Secure all windows with window locks
  • Secure garage overhead doors with padlocks
  • Secure property side gates with padlocks
  • Board unsecured windows
  • Secure pool and spa fenced areas
  • Remove non-hazardous debris
  • Cap exposed wires
  • Initial interior cleaning
  • Initial yard service
  • Automobile removal
  • Winterization
  • Above ground - Dismantle if no security gate
  • Initial snow removal - if applicable during season
  • Provide property condition repair estimates
  • Strap water heaters

Optimum Enterprises offers packaged preservation services for the REO Professional. Our package are designed to efficiently secure, clean, and document condition of the property.

We'll locate the property and immediately get to work on completing the packaged services required. Additionally, a la carte services can be ordered in conjunction with these packages to meet the individual needs of your property.

Let us show show you how our exceptional field services, outstanding client support, and rapid order fulfillment separates us from the competition.


REO Monthly Interior/Exterior Cleaning

Package may include the following services (when applicable), but can be customized by the client: 

  • Interior refresh cleaning
  • Replace missing/inoperable light bulbs
  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Lawn cuts
  • Removal weeds and clean up flower beds
  • Trim small bushes and trees
  • Remove debris from porches, balconies,and decks

At Optimum Enterprises, code compliance is always our first concern. Optimum Enterprises work with jurisdictions to cure violations, and to be proactive in preventing compliance violations from occurring.

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