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Optimum Enterprises LCC offers, but are not limited to, the following inspection services:

  • Initial Service

Initial Secure orders are designed to both secure the vacant property and assess code violations, safety, and condition issues that need immediate consideration . Upon receipt of an initial secure order, Optimum will schedule a lock change in accordance with our client's guide lines, install a lock box, winterize the plumbing system, assess the general property condition, and perform an initial grass cut. The initial secure will be completed and results posted within 5 days from the date the order was requested. Code violations, internal and external hazardous debris, and/or health hazards are immediately communicated to our customers.

  • Rekey

All knob locks and deadbolts are changed, windows are closed and locked, and garage overhead doors and property gates are padlocked (where applicable). Rekeys of only one side or back door can take place when our clients have the property listed for sale. This allows for the least amount of interference while still providing access for preservation work.

  • Lock Box

A lock box is placed on the door per client's request. A minimum of two keys coded to the new locks are placed inside. The lock box provides property access to our clients and their associates.

  • Initial Grass Cut

A complete initial grass cut is performed. Property square footage of the lawn is calculated and the amount of exterior debris will be identified. The initial grass cut will include mowing, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas, compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

  • Winterization

Optimum provides winterization services throughtout the entire year since many clients request this service outside of the usual winter months. We perform winterizations on dry and wet (steam/radiant) heat systems to prevent freeze damage to plumbing and fixtures.

The winterization process includes shutting off the main property water supply, draining all the water lines and water heater/boiler, using an air compressor to blow out any remaining water in the system, and performing a pressure test to check the system for any leaks. Bids are communicated to our clients for systems that are in need of repair. A full winterization is completed by draining all water heaters and/or boilers, faucets, sinks, tubs, and toilets. Environmentally safe anti-freeze is poured into all drains, toilet bowls, and tanks to reduce stress on fixtures experiencing severe temperature changes. Fixtures are labeled to caution the use of the fixtures and the date that the winterization was performed.

If needed, Optimum will work with real estate agents for access to the property.

For prolonged vacancies, winterization refreshes are suggested every six months to maintain anti-freeze levels that are subject to evaporation, as well as to ensure the previous winterization is intact.

  • Property Sign

Upon completion of the initial secure, we post on the property a sign/notice of our authorization to service the property. The notice includes code compliance contact information that directs all questions or concerns to us at: 334-588-2837 or code,

  • Bids 

Optimum will submit bids for repair, preservation, and safety items identified during the initial secure process. Properties found to be unsure upon arrival, will be minimally secured until bids can be reviewed by our customers,

The initial secure can be modified by choosing to resolved property issues through either a verbal bid or a blanket pre-approval process.

  • Lawn Maintenance

An essential part of property preservation, lawn maintenance maintains property appearance and reduces the chance of code compliance violations. Grass cuts can be ordered as a single work assignment or set up on our continuous bi-weekly program. Optimum maintains properties in accordance with HUD guidelines and customer specific.

  • Snow Removal

Snow fall creates many safety concerns that could result in code violations or injuries on a property. Removal of snow accumulation on driveways, entryways and sidewalks is crucial to maintaining property access and ensuring proper safety conditions. We offer this service in single work assignment or on a seasonal maintenance schedule.

  • Seasonal Maintenance

Due to unpredictable weather between seasons, some areas can require either snow removal or a grass cut department upon the present ground conditions. Properties on our reoccurring grass cut/snow removal program are transferred to seasonal maintenance during these periods to allow for the appropriate service to be performed.

  • Debris Removal

General inspections can identify hazardous and non-hazardous debris that should be removed for health, safety, or infestation reasons. These items are bid for removal with supporting photos or are pre-approved for removal (up to allowable cubic yard if the customer has selected a REO package). Approved item removal and disposal is performed per code and client instructions.

  • Mold Remediation

Mold can be found in many environments. Mold growth is promoted by cool and humid conditions Vacant properties without proper ventilation, properties that have experienced water leaks, or properties with inoperable basement sump pumps are just a few examples of potential mold producing situations. Optimum offers both mold testing and remediation services that can identify and eliminate dangerous mold spores and treat affected areas.

  • Lead Paint Remediation

Exposure to lead usually occurs because of the presence of deteriorating lead-based paint (LBP), lead-contaminated dust (particularly from renovations). and lead-contaminated soil in dwellings built prior to 1978. Optimum offer both lead testing and remediation services that can identify and eliminate dangerous lead contamination conditions.

  • Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos is a set of highly toxic fibrous crystals that can be found in many building materials of structures built before 1975. Long term exposure or inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious health problems. Optimum offers both asbestos testing and safe remediation services.

  • Window Boarding

Broken windows expose interiors to outside elements. Boarding or repair of broken windows will be either directly ordered by our customers or bid to our customers with supporting photos. Windows are boarded or re-glazed per industry/code standards.

  • Pool and Spa Covers

Exposed pools and spas can pose health and safety risk. For these reasons, Optimum offers pool and spa covering services that meet industry/code regulations. Alternative securing procedures, such as a padlock on a gate to secure the pool area, can be performed when covering is prohibited by local ordinances.

  • Repair and Rehabilitation Bid Work
Optimum will provide bids/estimates on all work to repair or rehabilitate a property . Estimates are provided with supportive photos allowing our customers to evaluate the cost and benefit of performing the work. Bids/Estimates are generally, but not limited to, the following issues:
Code Compliance
Mold, Lead Paint, and Asbestos Remediation 
  • Trip Charge 
Optimum will assess a trip charge at times when, but not limited to, scheduled lawn services can not be performed due to reasons beyond our control, when we are requested by our clients to be present at a property for reasons other than our standard list of services. when a professional bid is requested, and when currant conditions at a property hinder our ability to perform requested services
  • Vacant Property Registration
Many jurisdictions have implemented vacant property registration ordinances to identify properties and monitor their condition for code compliance. Optimum maintains a local registration requirements. Working as our customer's representatives, we can complete the registration process with each jurisdiction.
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