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Local Residential Preservation Services

Optimum Enterprises is conscious of the ever-changing demands of asset management,and we are committed to growing and adapting our business model to meet the emerging needs of the industry. We are fully knowledgeable of all FHA, FNMA, FHLMC, VA, and Rural preservation processes and requirements. This expertise allows us ability to effectively direct our local vendor network in relation to efficiency and time management. The results is a cost effective "high" touch" service that is unmatched within the industry.

Over the past six years , Optimum has been successfully performing pre-sale/post-sale field services, inspections. Our strong client relationships represent our dedication to meet and exceed our client's expectations in an ever evolving economy.

Optimum, a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), realizes that our prime objective is our client's satisfaction. Our service is built on people, and with an extraordinary team at your disposal, an exceptional service is produced, Strong emphasis is placed on providing consistent, effective communication on a regular basis. Business relationships are valued and importance placed on handling incoming phone calls without an automated answering attendant. We believe that solutions are found and goals achieved by people, not computers.

Over the years, Optimum has learned that properties are as unique as individuals.It is our pleasure to help clients modify instructions mid-order, or add specific instructions at any point of the order process. We specialize in unique requests and take it upon ourselves to modify our service to meet and exceed our clients' needs.

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